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Hi Travelers!!

My name is Nebula and I am so happy that you found your way here! Our mission is to help spread understanding of Diversity and Inclusion. Celebrating each other through our similarities AND differences. As travelers it is important to not only look for the magic around us, but also in each other! We are all connected and have the power to bring great healing to each dimension we visit. I hope you will join me on this epic adventure!

I keep all my findings and things on these pages. I also have provided you access to the different trinkets in the shop.

Happy Exploring!

Your Friend,



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Nebula was given the ability to travel dimensions to find one that would accept her. Instead she found a home amongst the other travelers and teaches the communities she visits about what she sees and learns. She encourages everyone she meets to explore beyond what they know.

This collection contains doll kits and parts for customization, items from less traveled dimensions, and much more!



Hazidel was young when she died and found herself in the Dimension of Lost Souls. Travelers often see this as an evil dimension and warn others to stay away. However, Hazidel finds comfort amongst the other Lost Souls.

This collections contains detailed creepy cute dolls, accessories, customized dolls per your description, and more! 

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This collection contains dolls, costumes, and more. Each item is charged with Reiki and general healing energy.


Energy is not always seen, though it is often felt. Sometimes a soul doesn't realize it is in need of healing because they are disconnected from their own energy. This is where Fazen comes in. She is an ancient energy goddess working with spirits, magic, and the unseen often labeled as fantasy or legend by those outside the Fae.



As the Goddess of Life she longs for each unique quality to be accepted and celebrated throughout the dimensions. Wakazi protects the many souls of each dimension, granting inclusive souls the ability to cross dimensions. Others she trains as Story Keepers, to hold the secrets and traumas that need to be heard without shame.


This collection contains diverse dolls and  accessories inspired by cultures around the world. Items donate to a non-profit related to the culture


Artist Journey

All dolls are designed and handcrafted by Kelly Hookham, but this wasn't where she thought she would be at the beginning of 2020.

While art had always been a fun hobby, Kelly's goals were focused on Diversity and Inclusion within Human Resources (HR) at a fortune 500 company. Like it did for many people, 2020 quickly changed things. Working in HR during the pandemic quickly pushed her workaholic habits to their breaking point. While taking time off for mental health, her passion and mission for her art quickly grew into a small business called All Doll Dimensions.